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hiya, whenever I’ve been trying to play podcasts or radio recently on my mobile data I get an error message saying 'Connection failure: Streaming is authorized inWiFi only (check your settings: Allow Cellular Streaming). does anyone know how I can allow cellular streaming? it has always worked before and has only just started doing this. Thanks

Usually this behaviour is controlled from the settings of the app itself, rather than at Android system level. Perhaps this feature was set with an update of the app you’re using? How to access the App’s settings will depend on the app you’re using.

@Johannes already pointed out the main issue: It’s all based on the app you use.

But just for better understanding: Streaming normally means that you send out something. Are you planing to do this or do you just want to listen to something that is getting streamed?

If you want to listen to a publicly available stream and you know the URL, you can just use another player “app” to listen to it.

Can you tell us which app it is? So we can at least name & shame it :slight_smile: Joking aside, this could also help understanding your problem better.

You can also just write the authors (check google play) and ask for clarification. All this sounds a bit odd to me.

Hi, I’m not trying to send out anything, just listen to a podcast or radio.
It is happening with Podbean and KCRW radio (which has stopped working
completely now). I’ve changed the settings in podbean to allow cellular
streaming and it is workin now. Just out of interest do you know who I
should contact regarding an app not working? I have reported KCRW in the
app but I don’t hear anything from them. Thanks

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Did you already check your Privacy Impact settings? It needs to be enabled (unchecked). Sometimes it’s necessary to disable and enable it again. Or even to enable it, and then uninstall and install the misbehaving apps again.

KCRW, nice one. Can you try the urls below in an app like vlc? Do they work for you? Are these the streams you’re looking for?


Else, it could be the Privacy Impact settings hitting once again, as @Irina_Spitznagel already pointed out.

For the software, search the podbean playstore webpage for “Developer” and you will find their contact information.

I think this is intended because streaming will use a lot of data (ca. 57 MB per hour for a 128 kbit/s stream) and many people doesn’t have so much mobile data for that. So the default setting will save the users from eating up their mobile data volume. This is very wise.

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