🎉 Celebrating 1000 solved topics

We now have the solved plugin for about 2.5 years and soon after decided to tag #solved help topics. Now, while tagging a topic, I noticed there were already 300 topics with that tag.
I checked the admin stats and there it says that 980 posts have been marked as solutions for topics.

I’m sure the forum solved a whole lot more issues than that, but still it’s impressive how much the plugin has been used.
:clap: A big round of applause to everybody who helps others here - which I’m also very sure is a whole lot more than the 164 people who got the You knew it! badge.


Today the posts marked as sultions for topics have reached 1000!
I think that’s really something to celebrate! :confetti_ball::tada::crown:
And also I’d say it’s time to say Thank You to everyone who contributed with hints and solutions within this forum!
I believe that lending a helping hand is a precious step on the way to a fairer world!


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