Cedille (Akzent unter Buchstabe c) eingeben

What keycombination is required for ç (c with cedille)? My daughter uses a french training app and needs this letter.

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Which Fairphone (FP4 I guess?) and which software, launcher and keyboard app is running on the FP of your daughter?

With the out of the box Android setting, you just need to press and hold the letter c and a box with alternative versions should appear.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I just checked the system configuration. The FP4 ist running on “Android-Tastatur (AOSP)”. However, if I am Holding the Letter c no box pops out for ç. This is only an issue for the Letter c. The letters a and e are working ie Boxen are poppig out.

If you want to write often in french, you can also add a secondary language in Parameters > System > Language > System language.

Then you could swap from one keyboard to the other layout by pressing the space bar :slight_smile:


Two thoughts:

  • Does the problem also occur when the display (and the keyboard) are in landscape (“widescreen”) mode? If not, perhaps there’s an issue with the touch-sensitivity (you can check the hardware by typing * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # * in the telephone app).
  • To other:s Can you delete the keyboard cache and storage? I haven’t (instantly) found it in the system apps.

On a side note, I just tried the c key on an FP4 here (in DuckDuckGo search) and it did offer the ç when held.

Which is your default language on your phone? That works on my FP4 (with LineageOS) for French and English but not for German. I think @oli.sax has the solution:

You can also choose a different language for a special App.

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Thanks a lot for the support! We did indeed solve the issue as suggested by @oli.sax. However, I needed to change the keyboard in general to French, to get it fully solved. As my daughter now knows how to do it she should be able to switch back, when shee needs to ty ä/ü/ö/ß :wink:

Not the most comfortable apporach, but it does the trick.


Nice you solved…

Now she will “enjoy” getting used to the AZERTY keyboard :wink:

I’m regularly switching from AZERTY to QWERTY on PC because I’m writing in different language and it’s always difficult :sweat_smile:

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German 1st, then Dutch, then English (most recent Fairphone OS):

On yet another thought, perhaps @ARJ’s daughter’s app was showing a QWERTZ :de: keyboard while registering input like on an AZERTY :fr: one {ç on the 9 key)?