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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I ordered my transparent edition FP5 on 16 September directly from Fairphone’s online shop. For the address, I chose the nearest UPS access point (I’m based in Milan, Italy) and payed with my debit card. The expected delivery time was 30/09 - 4/10.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the company telling me that they are experiencing “some small shipping delays” and the new estimated delivery time is 9/10 - 13/10.

First of all, I wouldn’t call this a “small” delay. And while I appreciate they notifying me timely, I think it would be also nice to know why this delay is happening (I hope it has to do with high demand for FP5), as it can make the waiting more acceptable.

As already noted by other users (Fairphone 4 delivery? January / Feb / Mar), Fairphone should improve their delivery times, all the more reason considering that we are paying for shipping. In my case it’s not a big problem, but many others cannot wait this long and may be forced to choose other options.

Am I being too harsh?

Ps. I’ve been on the forum only for a week now, but I feel I found a very helpful and open community. Thank you for all your precious insights and advice. :smiley:

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Up to two weeks is still ok. People are just too used to 24h delivery times nowadays.
I can tell from my job that most industrial companies would be happy if they “only” had postponements of two weeks for stuff, they have ordered.
And you’ve got an information from FP. Better than waiting for something that should arrive but never has been sent.

We are always paying for the shipping. It doesn’t matter if you can see it on the invoice or not. If there is no shipping fee, then the price is already added to the product price.


Welcome to our Community anyway! :wave:

And some of us here who’ve followed Fairphone over the years have experienced much longer delays, although all in all (with some exceptions like the ongoing wait for FP3 bottom modules) it has improved a lot. In 2021, Fairphone’s delivery was interrupted for several months when Fairphone spare parts were on the infamous Ever Given ship in the Suez Canal. However, I have no clue what the current delays are about, but would not expect a lot of additional delays for the delivery of the FP5.


Thank you @urs_lesse! Happy to hear about their improvements in the last years.

I’ve had the same email. Though my date was only pushed back a week. I don’t mind as long as its only the once.

I would be interesting to know the reason for the delays. There’s a difference between the delay being caused by problems / capacity in their warehouse shipping, and them waiting on delivery of more devices from the factory or delays in manufacture.

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hello, my delivery got slightly delayed. While I did not overenjoy the fact, it is indeed a slight delay, like two days or so.

Since the launch, different coloured versions have been available at different times, at the website, at the pre-order, and at different resellers. I do not think my order has reached Fairphone yet, and I imagine it is hard to predict the exact shipping times from Asia. For instance, now the black option has the longest delivery time, and in the beginning the blue one had.

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@anna_jopp: Is there any insight you can share regarding the reported delays?


To update. I got an email today that my Fairphone 5 has shipped. So it’s not all doom and gloom with the delays.


Great! I’ve got mine too a few minutes ago! :tada:


I ordered my phone on September 26, because my FP3 suffered the sudden death. It was supposed to be delivered Oct 2 - 5. I Have not heared anything yet. Any idea how much longer I might habe to wait?

Not sure what to suggest apart from contacting support. I got the information about the delay and afterwards the information that the phone has been shipped.

What does your account information say about the order?

Fingers crossed your phone will be delivered soon.

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