Catima - Open Source and Private Loyalty Card App

Hey everyone,

I made another app and I wanted to share it with everyone again. This app is Catima. It is available on Google Play, F-Droid and as a direct download.

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What is Catima? Well, Catima stands for (Loyalty) Card & Ticket Manager and lets you store all your loyalty cards on your phone. It is a continuation of the no longer maintained Loyalty Card Keychain project.

Migrating from Loyalty Card Keychain is easy:

The most well-known similar app would be Stocard, but unlike Stocard, Catima doesn’t sell your data. In fact, it doesn’t ever connect to the internet.

If anyone wants to help out make this the best loyalty card app, translations can be done on and the source code is available on


Super cool! :+1:
Nice that one can import data from Loyalty Card Keychain, which I have been using as a replacement for stocard.

What is the main difference between Catima and Loyalty Card Keychain?
Were you missing any features that Catima offers?
At a first glance they seem very similar.

Right now, Catima has the following features that Loyalty Card Keychain does not have:

  • Ability to star (favourite) loyalty cards, so they’re always on top of the list
  • Ability to create groups and assign loyalty cards to one or more groups to make it easier to find what you’re looking for

I managed to add a search and share feature to Loyalty Card Keychain before the developer really abandoned the project, but I wasn’t quite done adding stuff to it so depending on user requests (see the issue tracker) there may be more extra features in the future. I will however try hard to make the app not overwhelming to use, because the simplicity was one of Loyalty Card Keychain’s best parts.


Awesome! :star_struck:
Great that the project is being kept alive!


I’m still using loyalty card keychain, as it suited my needs for the last years. I even didn’t notice it stopped being maintained :wink:

EDIT: using version 0.28 of 12/03/2020

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