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Hey forum,

I came across a bug while mirroring my screen to a Miracast HDMI dongle. As soon as the screen locks, either by timeout or when I hit the power button, I cannot unlock the phone anymore.

The screen goes on and off again, the wallpaper gets changed to a default one. This goes on till I unpower the dongle, then it normalizes, but keeps the wrong wallpaper.

I used another dongle, same problem. I also removed pattern-lock, no success.

Can anyone confirm this? I guess it only happens on mirroring. I am running on 18.04.1. I haven’t found anything the like as a general Android issue, so it would be nice to know if it only happens on my device or on others as well.



I’m currently on the Android 7 beta (which should go public in a few weeks) and it doesn’t happen there. But I remember having encountered this issue in Android 6. My workaround was not to lock the screen while on Miracast. :wink:

(Unfortunately, in the Android 7 beta audio is played on the phone and not routed to the Miracast receiver. Hopefully this will be fixed before the public release.)


Thanks for confirming it. Always comforting when bugs appear on other devices, too. Well, at least for me :wink:

That is good to know, hope it gets fixed!

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