"Cast" feature (Screen Mirroring) not working

I’m trying to connect my FP3 to my Fire TV box. “Mirroring” on Fire TV is activated, but when I use “Cast” on the FP3 it just stays on “Searching for devices…” for a while - and then calls it quits. I did activate “Enable wireless display” in the “Cast” settings. And casting from my Laptop to Fire TV works fine in the same network.

I tried it countless times already - and one time FP3 actually did find my Fire TV an said it “sent an invitation” with a PIN number. The Fire TV didn’t react to this, though. And on further attempts, this never happened again.

Does anyone else have trouble with the “Cast” feature on FP3? Or does it work for you? Any idea what could be the problem?

For me the Cast feature works great with a Chromecast Ultra. I not tried any Miracast or other Chromecast devices. I’ve tested using ‘Cast’ from Android, as well as from Prime Video. I have not tried Netflix, but I expect it to work just as well.

Working fine here too with a Nvidia Shield (2015) console and also with a LG 60UF8529 TV.

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If anyone’s still interested: It seems like the receiving device needs to be “Google Cast” compatible - while some hardware only uses “Miracast”. The solution for the Fire TV is an app called “AirScreen”. When you start this app instead of the Fire TV’s own cast settings, it works great with FP3. :slight_smile:


For me it worked until now…
Same as above, chrome icon => searching => nothing
Strange thing, via the YouTube app it does work!?
Hope there will be a solution with the next update!?

Are you talking of an Amazon Fire TV? Have you tried the free AirScreen App? Still works for me!

YouTube works differently, by the way. You don’t actually cast the phone’s picture. The YT app on our phone just triggers the YT app on you (Fire) TV to start and tells it which video it’s supposed to open.