Cases for FP2 out of stock

I’ve heard you’re out of stock in your translucent blue and coral red slim cases for FP2, when do you expect to receive more? Mine is tearing apart and I’m supposed to receive a new one (chose turquoise) but if the other ones would arrive soon, I’d consider waiting.
Thank you,

I think you better contact Support directly with your question.

But it has been announced a while ago that no new translucent blue cases will be produced.

are still available.

regular cases were the last available regular cases and are now sold out (forever) too.

Thank you for your quick reply. Could I then change my order 8FP21COVR09-01A (turquoise) for coral red?
Thanks a lot!

It seems to me that the shop system has all variants of the new slim covers perfectly available.

You’ll have to contact Fairphone directly about this.
We are a community forum, mostly users just like you, not Fairphone employees with access to their IT to process such requests.
Fairphone employees might see this here by pure chance, or they perhaps might not, the forum is not an official channel to reach Fairphone directly.

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