Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

where can i get a fp2 etui so that i can use the camera without taken the fp2 off the etui?

I ordered 2 different types of protective foils from disagou and both don’f fit preceise. The shape in total is ok but the front-camera is 1mm to much right.

both dont fit:
Golebo Blickschutzfolie schwarz für Fairphone 2 #bs6572 9.95
Golebo Displayschutzfolie Semi-Matt für Fairphone 2 #xm6572_2 3.95

I also ordered the ones from and whant to give you a feedback.
I ordered these products:
M14-B6606 - Matting foil for 3.99
M30-B6606 - Matting foil from 3M for 12.99
GXN-B6606 - Privacy Protector for 11.99

M14-B6606 fits perfect and has abolutely a good touch and view.
M30-B6606 same. and i also doubt that its different in any kind. Here is a photo of
M14-B6606 & M30-B6606 over eachother…

The cuts and shape ar so similar that its just imposibule that its not out of the same machine… maybe its realy different material but… :wink:
The GXN-B6606 - Privacy Protector i haven’t tested yet but it seams to fit as it has the same shape…
Regards, Novski


Hi everyone,

does anyone know a seller of metal-bumpers?
My phones always have a severe problem with gravity and bumpers made of metal extremely helped them to survive. :grinning:
I only found these for the “usual suspects”…


Hi everyone, I saw the Otterbox case for the Iphone and was thinking of getting something like this for my fairphone. Unfortunately, they don’t have a Fairphone case yet.

The standard case that ships with the fairphone is quite good, but I dropped my phone last week and the screen broke.
I think it’s because the case was deforming at the volume keys area.

I’ve now ordered and received a new screen unit, but I want to wait till i have a better case before i put the screen on.

Let me know your thoughts about strong protective cases. I prefer not to use a flip case or a wallet type or sock type ones since my last screen broke when the device was in use.

Hi! I’m new and I wanna go & buy a Fairphone. I happen to often drop my phone so I really need a good case for protection, preferably foldable like a booklet.
On the website I see case designs for FP1 and FP1U, that don’t fit the FP2.
Is there isn’t a FP2 case yet, are there any other cases for other Androids maybe thay also fit the FP2?

Yes. Please, a flip case! So it’s still somehow protected after I take it out of my pocket or bag and then let it drop. Any ideas?

Is there any indications that they are going to have one?
I think Fairphone is a too small brand for any other company to make a case for it. Even though it is very much needed as the included Fairphone case is not very strong or protective.

Iirc Fairphone stated that they won’t provide a FP2 case because the back cover us designed to work as protection case. However you should be able to find some FP2 specific flip covers on amazon.


Hi Donsemann, i don’t think they will create one. :frowning:
I have found a case on Amazon that I will try out. I will report back. Unless someone already tried this one.


Any news here? It’s so pretty and I’d totally like to order one, too :relaxed:

I still have the case. It is very big though so I need to be careful when it is in my jeans front pocket when I bend to pick something from the floor or tie my shoes. :slight_smile:
It is noticeably bigger in the case.
Secondly, the sticky part on the flap started to come apart after a couple of weeks. It doesn’t look so nice but since it still closes, I am sticking with it. I could ask the manufacturers to fix this cosmetic problem.
The case however does a very good job of protecting my phone screen. :slight_smile:


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Here is a link to the product on Amazon. Unfortunately, it seems they are out of stock, but I guess they would make more if people expressed interest.

As both my husband’s and my screens have broken in the past few weeks wish hadn’t believed that the included case is enough to withstand falls and wondering if anyone has managed to find an otterbox type or a flip open type cover. Neither of us want the sleeve type.

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Thanks @Akiro , but I can see a small gap between protector and case in your photo.

I do have a tiny (millimetres or less) gap, but it hasn’t seemed to be an issue. (Of course, the gap is larger in some places now that my case has started deforming! :broken_heart:)

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I have for my two Fairphones this which is really nice fitted and quite easy to mount.

I’ve got a question and hope someone can help. I bought a new screen protector as the first one I bought was obviously no good and is pretty much worn now. I already once had a protector form atFoliX and was pleased with its durability and overall quality, so I bought it:

Now I realised, that the new protector misses one opening in the far left in comparison to the other protector I currently have on my phone. I wonder what’s the use of the fourth “hole” in the protector and couldn’t find out.
Right: camera
middle: speaker
left 1: proximity sensor
left 2 (left to left 1): ???

Can someone help?

Interesting that there are several materials to choose from (click the images)
I now bought this variant:

I will report back when i have tried it.

Another alternative

I was also thinking about but it have much higher price and I do not know where to look for a serious technical comparison.

Actually i would prefer a flip case, but then a really slim and easy to handle one.

I’ve got a slimline one that came with the fairphone 2, but to protect the screen when it’s in my handbag (including from fluff), I’ve just ordered a case made from upcycled rubber inner tubes, which is made to measure if you supply the dimensions : :slight_smile:

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