Cases and screen protectors for Fairphone 2

What do you mean? It sounds worrying, are all FP cases supposed to be deforming with time??

Conrad, I experienced the same. I have ordered a BROTECT Airless premium, and it never reached me. They accepted to send a second one; they asked me to check the address, I asked them to give more precision and they kept replying “we can’t change the country”… I live in an island, I tried to explain that it is not a different country, it is just part of the mainland, so it is NOT like changing the country, and besides the mistake comes from their side originally… They reacted so stubborn and impolitely, they ignored my precisions, and sent it again with exactly the same address, and guess what? It didn’t reach me either! It ended up like I had to order the screen again, to another country, and ask my friend to send it to me afterwards ! So I had to pay twice, and this 2nd screen once again didn’t arrive yet!! These people are really getting on my nerves, they are so rude, and obviously they don’t even know how to write an address on an envelope ! I recommend you to avoid this company !

They were not supposed to, but the former regular cases do that after a too short amount of time. That’s why Fairphone discontinued them and now only offer the new slim cases which don’t have this problem.

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OK, thank you… Unfortunately I have a regular case… :tired_face:
So if you’re using a case protection, does it help?

Case protection does not help against that flaw.
As the soft material expands much more when getting hot than the hard cover on the bottom, the connection starts to break up at the weak spots, being the buttons.
But don’t worry, you will get a slim cover in exchange and it is covered under warranty. Fairphone does work really fast in those cases. If the cover breaks just contact support with the reference “broken cover” and attach a picture of your cover. Then you can select a slim cover from the shop (although they reserve the ones that are scarce for paying customers).:smile:

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I’ve seen a few threads discussing cases and screen protectors, but I would like to be more specific and ask if anyone has found a tempered glass screen protector that fits well with the slim back cover for the Fairphone 2?

I had a tempered glass screen protector that fit well with the original rubbery back case (I think it was a Brotect one), but I took it off when I got the new slim back cover because it was slightly too big and it was stopping the case from closing properly. Then I managed to slam my car door on the phone just as it fell out of my pocket…and my screen has been broken ever since.

Just shelled out 100EUR for a new screen module (finally back in stock, but so expensive!) and I’m keen to keep it intact this time.

Has anyone found a good screen protector?

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I use a flip case … protects the entire phone :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the response, I’m really only looking for a tempered glass screen protector though - I use the phone a lot and I don’t find flip cases comfortable to hold for long periods of time!

Lately I have seen a liquid screen protector in a shop.
No idea, if and how good it works; it’s some nano-tech stuff.
Maybe that’s an option. It is said to enhance clarity as well.
A short search has brought up quite a few varieties:

and lots more on amazon:

Anyone having some experience with that kind of protection?
Customer reviews aren’t that bad for many products on amazon.

Sorry, I’m always feeling bad citing amazon, but it’s at least a convenient ressource for product varieties and prices.

Bonjour à tous et toutes!

J’ai reçu mon FP2 il y a quelques jours maintenant, j’en suis très contente et je cherche à protéger l’écran.
J’ai regardé ce qu’il existait en protecteur d’écran en verre trempé qui corresponde à l’écran du FP2…
j’ai trouvé ceci :
Ils proposent une dizaine de protection différentes, toutes pour FP2.
J’aurais voulu savoir si quelqu’un a déjà essayé ? Est-ce que cela rentre dessus (j’ai peur aux petits rebords de la coque…) ? Et si quelqu’un a déjà essayé, quel modèle vous me conseillez, car il y en a beaucoup et je ne m’y connais pas trop…? Est-ce qu’on peut changer ce genre de protection si elle casse par exemple, ou est-ce que c’est vraiment trop collé à l’écran ?

Merci !! :smile:

Hello, j’ai acheté celle-ci en janvier 2016, elle n’a pas vieilli à ce jour, en tout cas pas pas de manière visible. A noter qu’elle est en plastique et non pas en verre. Celle qui s’appelle “airglass” est en verre (j’en ai acheté une de ce type pour un autre téléphone).

Elle s’adapte parfaitement aux coques, ancienne et nouvelle, elle est quelques dixième de mm en retrait.

Pas de problèmes pour retirer ce genre de protection, elle ne sont pas collées sur la vitre du téléphone, elles adhèrent simplement grâce à un film de silicone ou similaire.

I consider buying a bumper for my new FP2. Does anybody have experiences with either this one

or with this one


Especially, does the second one, also fit for the FP2 with the slim case?

Any helpful comments are highly appreciated.

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Many moons later, the mapbagrag bag still is fine… Some usage traces, but totally ok still. Great product

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If one is registered at, they can send a message to the case designer and ask them about the slim cover. I would do that but don’t want to create an account :wink:

I and another person already contacted the designer. But for any reason he does not reply. :frowning:

As the bumper is flexible I would be really suprised should it fix for the FP2 with regular cover only.

You’re right, it might fit to a variety of phones. However, the first one I posted has a number of drawbacks according to criticism onamazon. First, it is said to be too elastic and too thin and second, it has no slit for USB and buttons.

Some weeks ago, there have been same 3D-printed cases on the shop.fairphone/accessories page. Now I cannot find them any more. Is it known why they aren’t offered any more?

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Hi, I have a Fairphone2 from Phone Co-op. I’m getting to know it and very happy with it generally. However I am worried that the screen already seems to be looking scratched. I have not managed to find a cover/case that fits, although I have bought a tempered glass screen protector (to stick on, not done yet) that is more or less the right size. Is something like this recommended, or is there a better option? I have also bought a purse to put my phone in as I guess that jangling around in my bag or pocket was not helping much. The ‘case’ on offer on this website is what my phone already has, so perhaps it is robust enough generally, but I don’t want the screen to get all scratched. Any good solutions to all this? Thanks

I think there are several screen protection hammer glasses on amazon, but I don’t use them and my screen is almost not scratched after almost two years :slight_smile:

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Did you already take the protection foil off? Here’s why I ask :wink: .

Edit after move: Just have a look at the posts in this topic here.


Oh, that’s hilarious - it is true I had not taken off the foil protection! It was really non-obvious. Thanks for checking :blush: