Case with lanyard/keyring attachment for earbuds?

My FP4 arrived Friday, and so far I’m pretty pleased.

I am disappointed by however that the earbud case doesn’t have an attachment point for a lanyard or keyring. I am a clumsy person who loses and drops things so need this to attach a Bluetooth tracker (though in an ideal world a ‘find my device’ function would be built in). I have already lost them twice in my house!

I think my best best is a cover for the charging case, does anyone have any recommendations of ones to fit?

I was expecting to need to get myself a phone case (and phone the thread re 3D printing) but hadn’t anticipated this

Maybe you can use a housing with some space and put a rubber band around the case to get it stucked in the housing. Maybe you can glue a lug to the back.

Uh well… use wired earphones?..

This seems to solve all of your problems. (no case needed, no 3d printing needed, no bluetoothtracker needed, etc etc)

FP4 has no socket for earphones.

Common wired earphones, with a 3.5mm jack, can be connected to the USB C port with a DAC adapter.

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