Case problems with FP3 and charging lead

I recently bought a third party USB A to C 50cm lead so as not to have so much lead in the way when using the phone as a sat nave when driving. The lead only just goes in as the plastic housing around the male USB C end buts up against the case. To get a good fit I had to use a Stanley knife to cut off about 1mm of the plastic.

Has anyone else come up against this?

Hi no and yes :blush:

But not on the FP3 as I bought the recommended cable. I had a similar issue with a Raspberry pi when I put the computer in a case.

Cut a bit too much

But now it fits

Added a bit of resin


Ah yes, endless crafting fun thanks to USB. I wonder whether there ever were FireWire cables with problems like this. Anyway … did anybody mention magnetic adapters?

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Yes a couple of times. made by former Fairphone people, not yet on the market.

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As long as I know it isn’t just me! I have one recommended cable I bought with the phone but don’t remember seeing recommended shorter ones when I bought it. In fact around me, no one seems to sell shorter ones and I had to do some searching to find them away from Amazon.

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