Car calls stop after a few seconds


I have a FP4 and it has been a while I’m not able to call someone via my car (connected with USB-C or by bluetooth). Everytime, the call stop after 5sec. I checked with two different cars (two different Audi’s) and the issues occurs the same. I tried to force not using bluetooth but as it’s connected, it’s forcing by itself. Listening spotify, using google maps through the Android Auto app seems working, but not using the calls…

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Did this problem occur after a software update? Which OS version are you running? Please go to Settings > About phone > Build number
and indicate the value shown.

If the problem persists with the latest update ( FP4.TP29.C.0101 ) then I would advise you to contact official Fairphone support (see contactsupport ).


I don’t remember if it occurs just After an update
Here is the build number : FP4.TP29.C.0101.20240121.
The Android version is 13.

You’re on the latest version then.

If you think that Bluetooth might be related to the problem you can turn off BT on the phone and just connect through USB.

It might be worth checking whether there’s an update available for your cars’ systems.

I would advise contacting official FP support as stated above, but other things you can try:

  • reboot the phone
  • disable 5G calling (select 2/3/4G)

I have exactly the same issue with my FP4 (same software version) but with a different car (Peugeot e208). The usb-c connection for Android auto seems to automatically re-enable bluetooth when turned off.

The problem sometimes occures but not always. Havent been able to find what triggers it