Captcha to contact fairphone support staff?

I wanted to email the support staff of fairphone concerning whether or not there will be another OS preloaded on the fairphone soon but it requires captcha and since I am running firefox with the flashblocker, noscript, disconnect and request policy addons I cannot see or hear the captcha. Could it be possible to get rid of the captcha “protection” of the website so that the people who need/want to contact the support staff could without putting their computers at risk? I am sort of tired of sending these types of messages as well, captcha may be a good method for the people running the website but can those people try and think of the users who may get a virus, pop-up commercial or certain privacy issues because they have to turn off their browser security to use it.

To be honest I don’t know much about internet security, but if you trust the fairphone website you could make an exception for with your add-ons.

But about your question I can save you the trouble: They are not releasing such informations yet. The Fairphone team is working together with open source communities for alternative OSs and when they are able and willing to say more about it I’m sure they’ll write another blog post.

PS: If you go to the contact us part of the website and scroll all the way down there is a contact form without a captcha. Did you try that one? I don’t want to try right now if a captcha will appear after I click submit, because I don’t have anything to ask them atm. :smiley:

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I’m not entirely sure if pycnopodia really means a whole alternative OS or just an update to our existing Fairphone OS. If it’s the latter, Fairphone is working on update 1.8.7 to be released next week, meant to patch the Stagefright problems (and including the roaming fix mainly for German users).

I also use NoScript but only to block third-party scripts when surfing. On the forum page that would be the google-analytics scripts. For and I make exceptions because I need those to use the page properly and I do not believe that these do me any harm. imo you won’t get any viruses or pop-up commercials from these as they don’t offer advertisement services.


In RequestPolicy you can temporary enable access to external sites just to let the captcha appear and then at the next browser restart the request is blocked again :wink: