CAPS LOCK on for text messages (SMS)?

Recently, my messages app (SMS) starts off with Caps Lock on: not only is the first letter a capital, but (unless I turn it off) the rest stays capitalized as well.
Anyone encountered something similar?
Suggestions to resove this?


Since the operating system update recently, text messages are stuck in capitals. I have to press the shift button twice to get it into lower case, it no longer drops automatically after the first letter. Easy to work around, I guess, but quite annoying.

Did anyone find a solution to this? There’s just been a round of updates, but it’s still an issue. I find it really annoying!

Same here: still no solution after a couple of months an os-updates.

Did you try to narrow possible sources of the problem down by installing a different SMS App and a different keyboard?

No. I hardly use other apps than the basic ones. Didn’t know that there are different SMS apps, let alone keyboards. Do you have recommendations?

Not really, I never used anything else. But if it was me, I would switch around between the following:

  • Android Messages - Google’s standard App for Android 6

  • SMS Messaging (AOSP) - Standard App for Android Open Source Project (also used by Fairphone Open OS)

  • Textra - Gets recommended occasionally to work around some random trouble.

As for keyboards:

If you don’t like the Play Store, I guess you could search in F-Droid for “sms” or “messages” or “keyboard” … I tried, didn’t find as much choices there.

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