Can't use bluetooth headphones nor pay via bluetooth

Since I have my FF2, I can’t use my headphones nore can I use payment apps that use bluetooth to confirm payement.
Is it a problem with bluetooth or ? My phone juste doesnt detect the headphones for example.

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

Hello, I also have a problem with my bluetooth. My phone doesn’t detect my Sound bose or other items, even if I activate (of course) the bluetooth option.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem ?

hello, i want to rekindle this. i also have a problem with my bluetooth. it cant see my bluetooth keyboard logitech k380 with his 3.0. cant the 4.0 LE of the fairphone see this kind of devices with an old BT? it can detect my tablet.
i am running the newest Fairphone Open 16.12.0

Same here…
Anyone got any suggestion…?

I think in one of the other bluetooth related threads someone suggested to first activate bluetooth on the FP2 and to switch on the BT device afterwards.

It seems that helps, at least it worked for my MusicMan BT-X2 speaker.

Funny thing though, because for my FP1 it was the other way round: it seemed more reliable to first switch on the speaker and then BT on the phone. But doing it that way I couldn’t pair FP2 and speaker.

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