Can't unscrew one of the camera bolts

Hi there
I’m unable to replace an unstable rear camera because of the tiny screws will just rotate forever without actually getting unscrewed… Can anybody share a trick? I do use a philips PH0 screwdriver.
Thanks a lot.

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Perhaps a stupid question, but did you try to push on the module to see if it comes away and whether ghe screw isn’t already unscrewed?

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well unfortunately it does not!

And if you push on the module as if to push it out of the core module while attempting to turn the screw, does that allow the screw to catch the thread and come out?

If not, it may be worth a try to place a tiny drop of superglue (cyanoacrylate) on the screw, insert a screwdriver, wait for it to dry and then turn the screw while pulling with the screwdriver.


Hey I just thought about it, but you really use a PH0 screwdriver? Because FP screws, if I’m not mistaken, are PH00.

iFixit uses a PH0 …

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Oh… Ok. FP3 screws are PH00, I’m sure of that. And I think FP2 is the same.
But I suppose if iFixit uses PH0 it should work.

Here, official link from Fairphone

Every #00 Phillips screw used inside the Fairphone 2


You are looking for a Phillips screwdriver, size #00 or #0.

Just thought it would be better to use a PH00, but a PH0 apparently does the job :slightly_smiling_face:

Fairphone 1 – Phillips #000
Fairphone 2 – Phillips #0
Fairphone 3 – Phillips #00

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verification done, I’m actually using a PH00.
The glu trick did not work for me.
I can either tear the module in pieces and hope I don’t break the whole phone along, forget about taking pictures or buy a new phone…

You could try some tips from this thread:

At least using a Dremel could do the trick for you. Not so sure about the other solutions.

I just see one problem.
If the screw or the thread is broken, you might not be able to stabilize the camera by screws anymore. And glueing the module to the core-module would seem a bit radical.

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