Can't unlock the bootloader

Hi all. I need help.

I just bought a fairphone 5 and I want to install CalyxOS. I’m following this guide:

I successfully enabled USB debugging and OEM unlocking and ran the device-flasher. I ran into trouble when supposedly I’m to unlock the bootloader. My phone, however, doesn’t ask me to unlock the bootloader as it’s supposed to. It just stays on the fastboot screen.

I tried to troubleshoot and found this guide:

This worked until step 7 on my (Windows) computer, where I’m (again) supposed to the instructions on the phone. Nothing happened.

I’m pretty mush at a lost, any help is appreciated.

Please have a look here

Thank you for the answer. I don’t know if that’s the answer because I actually can see my phone

The issue is when I try to unlock it:

Nothing happens on my phone.

Thats adb (devices) not fastboot. So what does fastboot devices say? Wating for any device after using fastboot flashing unlock is a clear indicator for missing driver or cable issues and thats what is addressed in the topic I linked

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Thank you. It appears the updated drivers made the difference. Although for some reason it just re-installed Android, not Calyx. But that’s probably an issue best raised on their forum.

Calyx is Android? So not sure what you are seeing and I guess if you still see the Fairphone OS boot animation something went wrong and I would just give it another try…

Note: adb and fastboot is two different modes, each have different usb id’s and need different drivers… You can see this in Windows Device Manager…

Same problem, Solution after 4h troubleshooting:
Fairphone 5, Windows 10.

The drivers required are different when the phone is in ‘debug’ and in ‘fastboot’.

  1. Download ‘fastboot’ drivers here:
  2. Open windows device manager, search for other devices the one with the yellow triangle. Right-click, Properties, Details, Hardware ID and mark the number (my is USB\VID_18D1&PID_D00D).
  3. Open file ‘android_winusb.inf’, under ‘[Google.NTamd64]’. Write:

%SingleBootLoaderInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D00D

    • Step 1: Click the Start button, choose the Power button, press Shift and click Restart.
    • Step 2: After Windows enters WinRE, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings >Restart.
    • Step 3: To install driver without digital signature, press F7 to choose the Disable driver signature enforcement option.
  1. Go to ‘android_winusb.inf’, right-click, install. Now it should ask for confirmation and finally install the driver.

  2. You can now continue with:
    6. Next, type adb reboot bootloader and press Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:. The phone will now reboot into fastboot mode.
    7. While in fastboot mode, type fastboot flashing unlock and press Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: . Follow the instructions that appear on your Fairphone’s screen. This action will wipe all the personal data on your phone.
    8. After the phone reboots, boot into the fastboot mode once again.
    9. Type in fastboot flashing unlock_critical and press Enter :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: . Once again, follow the instructions on your Fairphone to finish unlocking. This action will wipe all the personal data on your phone.


Its easier possible to update the fastboot driver normally:

To update the driver: connect the FP in fastboot mode to the PC, go to Windows Updates, check for updates manually, go to Optional Updates and Drivers and install everything regarding Google/Bootloader (e.g. Kedacom/LeMobile).

My W10 did not automatically find any drivers (error: no driver found for this device), so I had to find the solution described above.

I just wanted to ensure that its clear that this was a special circumstance and should not be the standard procedure…
I think often people try to use the Device Manager to find driver and not windows update, so did you actually check as stated above in my post or did you check using the device manager only?

I tried everything my knowledge allowed me to try, so after hours of trying, I posted in the forum to help those in my situation.