Can't unlock phone after update replaced cyanlockscreen

ok problem here, i cannot unlock my phone.
I had cyanlockscreen installed with a 4x4 matrix instead of 3x3.
After the update i have a lockscreen with 3x3 matrix, so it won’t unlock.
Any chance to boot into safemode or something so i can bypass the lockscreen?

I don’t know cyanlockscreen, but I would search the internet for “unlocking a locked phone” or something like that.

If I recall correctly, Cyanlockscreen is an Xposed module. After the update, the Xposed framework needs to be reinstalled before any modules work (as kgha pointed out above). Maybe there is a way to install the framework from recovery by means of a flashable zip file, but I’m not sure. If you get the framework running, the lockscreen should be accessible again.
If you have adb enabled, there will likely also be a method of removing the Cyanlockscreen pattern. This may make the phone accessible without a password. Check the documentation for Cyanlockscreen.

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