Can't unlock bootloader

Hi there,
I’m trying to install CalyxOS on my FP4 (128GB, Android 12) and am having what seems to be a common problem where I follow the guide, everything goes fine, and then the deviceflasher hangs waiting for me to unlock the bootloader. However, the fastboot screen doesn’t give me an option to do that, and following the FP guide to do it results in me getting the “waiting for device” error.

I am using a USB-IF certified A-C cable, and have tried all three of my laptop’s USB ports. I’ve also tried a USB-IF certified C-C cables, and five other USB A-C cables I had lying around the house, all to no avail. I’ve also contacted official FB support about this but I was hoping someone here might have a bright idea, a recommendation for a reliable cable, or something!

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome when you use windows, check the driver as explained here

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Thank you! This looks to have sorted it - the issue was when I tried to update the drivers previously, I wasn’t using a certified cable, but hadn’t realised that would be the issue

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