Can't stream video

Hi, i have this problem for a while now and i really want to solve it, but i don’t know how. Maybe someone can help me?
When i want to watch a video online, on chrome, it always says it cannot show the video. So i can’t stream any video… What can i do?

Depending on the website, i could help to request the desktop version of a site. Open the chrome menu when on the site and choose
Request desktop version.

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Please give us a link of the specific page/video.

The desktop version doesn’t work either…

In can’t play this link for example:

Tried it in Fennec (Firefox for Android). The loading circle doesn’t stop spinning for me.

Edit: I have no problem when viewing the video in a wifi network.

Works for me in Chrome and Firefox on the Fairphone. Desktop mode was not required.v Which versions of these browsers do you have installed?

Video works for me on Lightning and Firefox Nightly.
It does not work on Firefox Klar,
As Firefox Klar focuses on private surfing and data protection, it might be a problem with some of those privacy protective settings.

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I have Chriome 61.0.3163.98. My android is 4.2.2, FP1U/JDQ39

I’m on Android 4.4.2. Could you test the video with Firefox?

It works on firefox! Thank you for the info!

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