Can't store apps on sd card (Insufficient Memory)

I have an empty SD card installed and have set the default write disk to SD card but my phone says there’s not enough memory to install apps. I also have 13GB left on phone.

Does the SD card work in another device?

Yes, it works fine. Strange thing is I also have 13GB left on internal phone storage but I still can’t download any apps due to ‘not enough memory’.

Sorry, make that 10.8 GB on phone storage. Still can’t download any apps due to insufficient space on device messages.

I have the same problem, and IMHO it has nothing to do with the sdcard.
I had a lot of problems updating / installing Apps, the message was “insufficent memory” - the internal storage, the internal sdcard, the external sdcard had all a lot of free space.
Finally I made a hard reset, restored all apps, everything worked fine till I reactivated the internal encryption of the FP1U.
Now I have the same problems like before, I think that the stock encryption blocks some important memory (Cache, Dalvik?).

If the thread-opener agrees, I propose to change the topic of this thread to “Cant store apps - insufficent memory message”.
So it would be better to find for other people having similar problems - and solutions?

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Thanks for the responses. Yes - definitely agree to change title as proposed.

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I added a “(Insufficient Memory)” to the topic title.

@griggsey: Did you read the other topics regarding insufficient storage here and here?

Yes I too get that all the time. The phone memory is saying insufficient space. I delete all in the cache in phone mem. and that always does it even though its usually a very small amount. I have moved everything( and I mean everything) I can to the internal memory and yet my phone storage is still over half full. How can I get more stuff out of there and into internal. Alot of the basic stuff that comes with the phone must be in there but no option to move it???

@ozbizbozzle Did you apply the Storage Upgrader, which came with Fairphone OS 1.6?

It seems that you still have two separate partitions on your FP.

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Yes I did do the upgrade. I usually get the insufficient space error message when I try to apply app upgrades. Cant remember how long ago the 1.6 came out and if I have had that problem recently, in the last week say. if I do have it again i will let you know.

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My storage problems are gone since I have updated to FP OS 1.8.
In the moment its beta ( release candidate), but very stable.
You can download it from

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