Can't steer the phone via bluetooth devices

The latest weeks (4-8) I havn’t been able to change songs, pause or change the volume on my Fairphone 3, via three different bluetooth devices. Två headphones and a speaker. This has worked perfectly well before, and now nothing happens when I tap the buttons on the head phones/speaker. I have to pick up the phone to do something. The sound device works perfectly well otherwise. I can pair the device, and listen to music as usual. I just can’t control the phone with the device.
I can’t rememeber if I installed some sort of update about the same time as the problem occured.
Maybe someone else has got the same problem, and someone knows how to fix it?

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I have got the same problem…
I have tested multiple devices an no one is able to steer the phone.

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Please have a look here and if you want, continue the discussion there:

In short: Everyone’s waiting for a fix by means of an update.