Can't sign into google after installing openGapps on Open OS - checking info loop

Hi, I installed openGapps on an FP2 running OpenOS 18.10. I restarted the phone and opened Google play where it prompts me to sign in, I use me normal gmail address and password and then get prompted for a verification code for 2 factor authentication, I add that, get prompted to accept the terms and conditions then the screen switches for a few seconds to showing ‘Checking Info’ then I get bounced back to the logon screen. No errors, no google account created. I’ve troed clearing data for all the google apps, clearing the cache in twrp, deleting all my existing accounts to let google be the first, but no luck. I see a google for ‘google checking info loop’ returns a lot of people having a similar issue though no specifically with the FP2, anyone else having problems signing in to play with openGapps?

Work LOS, you have to install gapps immediately after flashing the ROM, without reboot… Maybe that’s valid here too?

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