Can't select User certificate with EAP-TLS wifi

I’m trying to connect to our Enterprise WiFi with EAP-TLS.
I can select the CA certificate, type the Domain, type the Identity, but can’t click on the drop down for User certificate. It is grayed out on “Do not provide” and can’t be changed.

I have manually installed WiFi certificates with a private key that can be found under the CA certificate drop down.

Problem solved. The list was just empty, since it didn’t recognize the certificate.
I imported a .crt file, concatenated with the private key, which works with many other systems. I guess this just imported the public certificate, and I therefore could see it in the CA list.

I instead created a new cert in PKCS12 format with:
openssl pkcs12 -export -out MAhall03-FP4.p12 -inkey MAhall03-FP4.key -in MAhall03-FP4.crt

and imported the .p12 file in the fairphone. And now it does appear in the list :smile: