Can't save new camera settings


I am trying to change and improve the settings of the built-in camera, this works fine, but each time I close the camera, the settings aren’t saved and are set to default.

Any ideas how to save the settings (exposition and contrast mainly)?

Thanks a lot!

I don’t think the stock camera app supports this (it goes back to 0 each time). Have you tried focal/GPL’ed? I prefer a bit underexpose and b/w and that’s the app I use. I just keep it running and the exp. corr. stays the same. Maybe using this app will help?


I use OpenCamera. That app also remembers the settings.


So do I now! :wink:

The features are better, it just takes a while to get used to the UI. I think the two should think about merging.

Note to self: There is a new Andorid Camera 2 API for newer OS’es (5.0)

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