Can't reinstall spotify on FP1 (Error Code: -24)

Hello together,

I recently upgraded to Spotify premium and started downloading some songs. I had the issue that the songs were saved on the phone storage, not on the SD-card. So, quick google, founds some tips and tricks, one of which included reinstalling the Spotify app. So I deleted the app and wanted to reinstall it, but then this happened:

“Can’t install app. Spotify music can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error Code: -24)”

I’ve tried several times, in several countries, after several restarts, etc. But no success. Sooo, I wanted to ask if anyone had an idea how to fix this issue?


Sometimes resetting the Goog Play services. Google Play Store and/or Google Services Framework (Settings > Apps > All) helps, though a quick search suggests that checking for and clearing the app’s files as explained below usually has better results:

First, you’ll need to install a file browser that can work with root permissions (for example ghost commander). Using that navigate to /data/data (in ghost commander long press the blue or red indicator at the top of the screen to get an address bar; type root:/data/data to go to where you need to be and request root permissions). Check whether there are any Spotify folders (they should start with `com.spotify.) and delete them (long press the folder in ghost commander). Be careful not to accidentally delete other things whilst in root mode. Then try installing again.
:warning: Note that you will very likely lose any changes to the default settings that you’ve made, and it may mean downloading songs again (not sure, never tried).

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Thanks a lot Johannes, worked like a charm!

You’re right, need to download the songs again. But since I wanted to move them to the SD card, I had to do that anyways.

Again, thanks for the quick help, I really appreciate it!

Have a great day!

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