Can't reconnect to home WiFi

Hi there, this morning my router crashed and I had to restart it. My desktop computer reconnected no problem, so did my notebook. The FP1U, however, has been updating the list of available networks every .5 seconds since, won’t remember my WiFi password, when I enter it to reconnect, I get “authentication problem” and every 30 seconds I get the notification “WiFi networks available”. I have restarted the phone, turned WiFi on and off and even left off the phone for a bit, but nothing helps. Are there any current bugs out there which might explain this - and will I have to run (an) update(s) via mobile data to get it fixed, since, you know, I can’t connect to my own router? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thx in advance!

Maybe this solution helps you: :slight_smile:

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Maybe it helps if you remove the WiFi network from your phone (system settings -> WiFi, then select your WiFi network and remove it) and re-add it again.
Sometimes this procedure helps to reset the settings.

Thank you, but I can’t find a “remove” option anywhere in the WiFi area. I only have the options “cancel”, “forget” or “connect”, but when I select “forget” it does not disappear. How did you do it?

The remove option is called “forget” after that the connection should reset and if you connect to the WiFi network the password prompt should pop up.

If this does not work I would try the solution @Stefan posted.

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