Can't reach Fairphone support

I am having problems with my fairphone since I bought it in April and while the support answered my first requests in reasonable time, I can’t reach them any more since the phone came back from “repair” (where in fact none of the issues were solved). They don’t answer to my support requests (first sent out on July 15) and the phone number is always busy. Can you please tell me how to effectively contact them and actually get a response?
Thank you!

Hi Gisel77, apologies for your inconveniences! Can you share your support request number with me? As Community Manager I can reach out to our Customer Support team and follow-up on your request.

Best, Monica


Thank you, Monica, that would be great! The original support request number is #293194. As I didn’t get any more replies after the repair, I opened a new request under #303853. Thanks so much!
Best, Gisela

I’m checking with them now. You will receive a reply via email :raised_hands:

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