Can't re-install Outlook with my Riseup account

Since my FP2 was returned to me in December reverted to factory settings I have been unable to reinstall Outlook. I follow the steps, and at “Connect IMAP” I enter the password I use to login to Microsoft services, but after a few minutes all I get is the error message: “Unable to login … The connection was lost”.

I’ve twice tried to raise a ticket at Riseup, but both times the tickets had vanished a week later.

What do I need to enter for IMAP and SMTP?

If this is the right riseup, does this documentation help?

Unfortunately not, because if you follow the link to
it says:
“We don’t recommend it because it is not Free and Open Source Software (software libre).
We have no tutorial written yet for configuring Outlook with Riseup. You can help by contributing one!”

If I understand this correctly, you have an email account at riseup … wouldn’t you enter your riseup credentials to connect to your riseup account? (For further settings please have a look at the settings given at like @Ingo suggested, especially at “Basic client configuration”)

Where does a login to Microsoft services come into play? The email client App shouldn’t matter at this point, you would have to enter the same settings in any email client App, Outlook or not.

Are your credentials accepted if you login via ?

The section AnotherElk referred to adapted for your case would look like this (you have to decide between “TLS” and “STARTTLS” for the secure connection; later they recommend to use “TLS”; if that doesn’t work you can try the port numbers for “STARTTLS”)

Suppose your email address was

    Incoming mail server:
        IMAP: port 993 (TLS)
    Outgoing mail server:
        SMTP:, port 465 (TLS)
    Login or user name: joehill
    Use secure connection: yes (TLS)

As I don’t use the Outlook App I don’t know if and where those things can be configured.

Do you mean steps of some documentation/tutorial? Or steps Outlook takes you through on first start?

It’s resolved now, although it did take three attempts to create a ticket on Riseup.


Was it something they did or you had to do? In case someone else runs into a similar problem.


It was an action I had to do, in terms of entering the right password.


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