Can't re-enable Bluetooth sometimes

I’m pretty sure that since I’ve updated to the version that also caused bluetooth media control issues (see topic) I’m having frequent issues connecting to my VanMoof bike. When the bike’s physical unlock button doesn’t work, which sadly happens sometimes, I need to connect to the bike over Bluetooth and unlock it using their app.

I’ve updated to the latest Android version, my current build number is 8901.4.A.0019.1. Note that a recent update did fix the Bluetooth media control issue for me, but this issue remains.

When this happens the VanMoof app will indicate:

Bluetooth connection issue
Your device is having trouble connecting to your bike. Please toggle Airplane mode on and off, or restart your device.

But after I disable Bluetooth or toggle airplane mode, I can no longer enable Bluetooth. The button in the quick menu will highlight (as if it’s turned on), but when I reopen the menu it’s still off.

I need to restart the phone for the Bluetooth to function properly again.

This probably isn’t a VanMoof specific issue, but I couldn’t find existing on not being able to re-enable Bluetooth.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?