Can't phone anymore

As said in the title, I can’t phone anymore. When I try to call someone, the person can’t hear me.
When using the loudspeakers, it is I who can’t hear anything, because there’s an awful noise!

I tried to remove and put back the bottom module, but it’s no use.
Am I stuck with an useless Fairphone?

Did anything happen between now and the last time you were able to phone?

Thanks for your answer!
I don’t know if anything happened.
I switched from Fairphone Open OS to /e/ because last update of Open OS did not well with my phone, but I already had the same phone issue with Open OS, and could phone one or two times with /e/, so I know it’s not an OS-related issue.

I’m a little confused… You had the problem of not being able to phone on FP Open, then switched to /e/ where the problem did not occur, and are now back on FP Open and it’s not working again?

To me that’s a lot that happened since you last were able to phone :wink:

Well, not exactly. I had the problem on FP Open, then switched to /e/, where the problem did not occur at first. I’m still on /e/, and this problem is back again, so I’m sure it’s not an OS-related issue, as said before.

You might rule out HW problems by using the FP checkup tool. Unfortunately it’s not available in /e/ (at least I think it isn’t). So you might consider doing a backup and temporarily switch to FPOS.
You also could try something you find e.g. at Microphone not working anymore


The checkup tool is available in the f-droid store and can be installed on any Android (/e/ or LineageOS or even non Fairphones)


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