Can't open pdf files in morph browser

I use FP2 with ubports OTA-5 (Ubuntu 16.04) and can’t open any pdf-file with the browser. I can see the downloaded file, one click -> choose your app: pdf-viewer or document-viewer doesn’t matter, the phone turns automatically back to the screen before: downloaded file… It’s a loop… I can open the file using the filemanager, go to /phablet/downloads/… but did any body know how to handle with pdf-files in the morph browser??
Thanks Ali@ubuntu

Do you have email set up on your phone? You could mail yourself the PDF as attachment and check if it can be opened directly from the mail client. Might give a hint if it’s a problem with the browser or some underlying thing affecting multiple apps.

In any case you could provide the logs around the time you tried to open the PDF and it failed. Just copy the relevant part at and post the link here (may be too big to post inline).

Not sure which logs are relevant. Morph browser for sure. But I guess also anything related to unity8. Best install the logviewer app if you haven’t done so already.

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