Can't move files to phone since update ("device stops responding")

Last week I had to factory-reset the phone in order for the new display to work, and I even installed the latest update (FP OS 17.12.1 /Android version 6.0.1), but now I have problems connecting the phone to the computer (windows 10).
I found the drop down menu where I can choose “file transfer” and the content of the phone shows in a window, but when I try to move for example music from my computer to the phone, it

  • either calculates how much time it will take for a really long time (so that i cancel it),
  • or the little window “copying x from y to z” stays calculating in eternity,
  • or nothing happens at all,
  • or (if I try to first create the folder on the phone in order to move the files in smaller batches) I get the message “The new folder could not be created in this location. The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected”.

I tried different cables, same thing.
Has anyone the same experience or knows a solution?

Perhaps reinstalling the MTP driver helps.

Do you have an SD card in the phone, and if yes, did you choose to integrate it with internal storage or did you leave it as external storage?

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