Can't make or recieve phone calls


Last thursday I discovered that my fairphone wasn’t working properly: it didn’t recieve any phonecalls, nor could I make any phonecalls. It wasn’t on airplane mode, there were no error messages, apps seemed to be working fine (I had been using the stopwatch). After a reboot many messages (sms and whatsapp) ans voicemail notifications came in.

Can you tell us what version of Fairphone u are running?

Im using fairphone 1.6 (Cherry)

I have a similar problem sometimes. Interestingly only in specific areas, were i am offline without noticing. Do you have a data connection in such cases? I had not. In my case, switching Flight mode on and off helped always.

Also i believe that got better with the 1.8 update, but i am not sure if that is just coincidence.

I have that problem, that my telephonecompany has changed APN-codes, I believe it’s called…
They have offcause testet there codes on all phones :wink:
Now my phone is roaming all the time and I cannot send mms’s…
I have run from Herodes to Pilates for help, and I switched to the telecompany with the best net i Denmark a week ago, because a simcard from there company worked on the phone…
But today I am back at schratch :anguished:
No mms… It started roaming again 2 days ago…
I dont know what to do and am pretty frustrated now…
I have consulted the cell-phone-guru of Telenor, who has given up, and we have together called FP in Holland…
HEEEEEELP!! :grinning:

Thanks Ben, i’ll install the update and hope for the best…
Any other people with similar problems?

Hmmm… I think I’ll wait a little bit longer before updating to 1.8 (Software update v1.8 temporarily postponed)

Maybe updating to version1.7 is an option?

1.7 was a os version that was only preinstalled on some devices but updating to it on other devices never worked.
but you could apply for the 1.8.2 beta program.


I am afraid you have to wait for 1.8.2 sadly. But i take part in the Beta currently and there is progress.

@RosaBorg could FP support not help your? I remember other people reporting the FP showed roaming while in the home network. This had no effect on their charges luckily. Anything new to report here?