Can't make or receive calls in France (roaming)

I have a German SIM. For a couple of months last year, I had a second SIM (French) but dual SIM seemed to cause me problems and the French SIM expired through lack of use so it’s been removed. I’m currently in France and unable to make or receive calls via the German SIM. For outgoing calls the message is ‘Mobile network not available’. For incoming calls, people are telling me it doesn’t connect. Twice I’ve heard it ring but it doesn’t connect when I answer. I’m here for a month, so this is really frustrating.
By contrast, last week I was in Austria and could make and receive calls to Austrian numbers.
Any ideas why I can’t connect to French numbers? Is the old French SIM a red herring or part of the problem? Thanks!

Until somebody else might be able to pinpoint the problem, the keyword you can research would be “roaming” …

And you could already contact your German provider to let them have a look whether everything looks ok regarding your SIM card from their side.

Also, if something is not working, please make a note which network you’re connected to. You can see this on the top of the lock screen next to your German SIM name, or below the mobile network symbol when you swipe down from the top.

The German SIM (O2) used to work fine in France. And it works in other countries. I’m currently on Bouygues.
Internet and data are fine, the issue is only with calls. I found a very similar thread with no replies.

Ok, I would suggest that you contact O2 about this. Your settings seem to be correct if you can use data.

(By the way, does SMS work?)

Yes SMS (text) works.
The issue only impacts making/receiving phone calls.

SMS are in fact sent by making a dial-up connection to your operator’s SMS center, which indicates more strongly that there is nothing wrong with the phone hardware. Did you ask O2 already?

Also, did you dial French numbers by using +33 followed by the number without leading zero?

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Yes of course I added the +33 country code.
O2 advised me to manually change to another network partner (Orange or SFR) which I tried but was unable to do. Despite several calls with O2, I’m now stuck on the Free network, which is not their partner, but I can make and receive French phone calls (at last) but v poor internet (slips down to 3G and H) whereas Bouygue was much better internet (but no French phone calls). I guess it’s a comprise. And no amount of manual or automatic network selection allows me to register on anything apart from Free. Ho hum, a step in the right direction.

Sounds like it could be an issue with your SIM card, maybe you can have it replaced.

I’m just searching that what problem it can be.

I’ll answer if I found the solution.

Thanks. It is very specific to making and receiving calls in France, from my German SIM. I was able to call those numbers when I was in Germany. I’ve received calls from other countries whilst in France. It’s a very specific problem and I’ve tried everything that’s obvious apart from requesting a replacement SIM.

You should visit at the SIM’s franchise which your are using.

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