Can't log in to Google with microg

Hei people,
I installed microg but I am having problem in setting a google account… it stuck on the just a sec screen.

I installed the xposed module fakegapps so it should work fine but it doesn’t.

Do you know if I should install the micro gsm core in priv-app maybe? can you tell me how?

Can you describe exactly how are you “setting a Google account”?

If you’re trying to add a global account on the device, that’s not possible (nor desirable privacywise, BTW). What are you trying to achieve doing that?

So, I managed to have the playstore working with microg.However If I try to enter with gmail or calendar, it ask me to insert my google account and if I do so it says that the account is already in my device and I cannot sync anything

If you managed to install the Google Play app, then you integrated it as a system app. It doesn’t have sense to use microG that way because Google Play can overwrite microG with their own services when an update occurs. Do not mix system GApps with microG. That’d not bring anything good.
Recommended way to install apps from Google Play is with a third party client like Yalp Store. There are others listed in #livingwogoogle.

About GMail and Calendar: I don’t know if GMail works with microG, but you can sync your mail with a regular mail client like the embedded one or k9 Mail (prettier version is called k9 Material). Google Calendar doesn’t seem to work with microG, there is a forum thread somewhere when I helped someone to setup that (I’ll edit whenever I find it).

Edit: You can sync your Google contacts and calendar with DAVdroid nowadaws. Follow this official guide:

I did not flash the Gapp, just the play store. In the XDA conversation of microG, you can find people installing the play store anyway…
Personally, I wanted to try if with the microG instead of the usual Play service I could avoid the battery draining due to the service. It seems to work better actually. However, I do need the calendar and other google related apps synced which I thought was possible to have…

You can find people smoking in the streets too, and that doesn’t make that less dangerous. Google Play app installed in /system has nearly-root permissions and can (and will) overwrite your microG setup.

Google apps are tightly integrated on purpose to spy on you and make it difficult for you to escape their control, but you are able to do that and more without losing any data. They appeal to fear too and to your emotions when they imply you’ll lost security by stating “allow less secure apps to access your account”. That’s not true. Having all your data in Google servers is a known security issue called “single point of faliure”. Don’t be fooled by them.

You can setup the calendar with DAVdroid as I linked above. The stock Calendar app does the same task Google Calendar does.

Any other E-mail client should be able to do the same tasks as Google Mail too.

I (and other in this forum) can help you with all this setup.

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I think you are making it bigger than what it is…
About the fact that the play store will overwright my microG, it is simply not true as I do not have the play service on my phone. On XDA is quite clear that the microG fool the play store and other apps to think that there is a valid copy of the play service installed.

Anyway, thank you for the info on the other app I could use

Play Store is the app that updates Google Play Services. If you have anything that impersonates Play Services, like microG (signature spoofing is for that), then that will be overwritten. It can work temporary, but I won’t bet a single cent to that setup in a medium term.

I’ll be glad to help you with any other issue, just call me, :slight_smile:

If you setup it like it is in my installer then Google Play Store + microG combination works perfectly.

Although microG do work as user app for most things, for use in combination with GApps (not the complete “pack” but just the ones that you install manually) it is better to install it as system app.

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