Can't get the unlock code, still

I got my FP4 shy of a year ago, enjoying it for the most part. But I’m a faffer of things, desktop linux enthusiast and such. I thought I’d give /e/OS a spin as they now ship a version for the FP4.

When had just received my FP4 I remember also wanting to check out some alternative ROM but was stopped in my track by the site for getting the unlocking code. Stopped because of it being dysfunctional. So I told my self “Well, fine I’ll run stock for a while then.”.

This was the case close to a year ago, same issue still. I get “An error occurred. Please try again later.”. Tested on two laptops (void linux, opensuse tumbleweed), Firefox and Google Chrome and on the phone itself using both 5G and regular WiFi. On my tailnet and off my tailnet as well as my workphone, an iPhone 13 something.

Yes, I have seen the “alternative” unlocking script which does not work with my FP4. It deems my serial number to be too short and it’s not supposed to work with the FP4 anyhow.

It is broken — Dear Fairphone devs, what is the plan going forward? Super frustrating…

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You cant contact any devs here and neither officially Fairphone in general. Please get in contact with support.

Else maybe this can help

Ok, read “Dear Fairphone Employee”, seem to have happened here - Employee responding that seem to have some insight into their services, web- or otherwise

Asking here for an open-, up to date response on the status of things regarding the issue at hand so that others may parttake.

I"ll check it out!

You cant expect anything official here thats a fact, that was a very rare case you linked to. The forum is a user forum and no official contact the Fairphone.

That be the case and I do Indeed understand this is a community forum. Not expecting much of anything (regarding the issue) based on how a bunch of nothing have been occurring since 2021. Just making my feelz open and clear - yes, to spew a bit of irritation and light dissatisfaction with the state of the issue hoping it will force some type of response — be it in words or action in order to uphold the reputation of Fairphone. If the rare employee responds I would be happily surprised.

Apologies to insist: you want this fixed then get in contact with support, else you might have to wait forever…

Overall it works btw so no overall issue with the unlock code page, and rather an issue with your IMEI or whatever.

Really? on a community forum? that just spewing on the other users. Yvmuell made it clear in their first response to contact Fairphone and maybe with a little more tact :speak_no_evil:

And welcome to the forum by the way :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get the community a bit riled up Howard style but was shot down quickly :wink:

Also, any modern company should keep some presence within community circles for when things are confused or plain broken in order to keep records straight. If they don’t, well that’s a shame.


I just checked this website, I couldnt get my code either. It worked for my old and new imei about month ago.

@linkert, have you tried my method of unlocking bootloader offline? It shoudnt be a problem for you since you are desktop linux user.
Also, even if you succeed, you should write ticket to support, so they would fix their website.

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Yes I could see that but that’s not a friendly thing to do.
So you want the users to gang up on Fairphone ??? :cry: that’s akin to bullying.

I disagree with ‘should’, who am I to say what another should or should not do and Fairphone can be contacted via and if someone doesn’t have the time or decency to write to them politely, then note Bob Marley

“While you’re busy pointing fingers someone else is judging you” :open_mouth:

Take care :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I’ve read this thread and I’m prepared to claim I learned something new today. Not of a technical character though.
And as far as I remember, having learnt something is defined as having gained a persistent behavior change.

I can’t claim that. Unfortunately. Sorry. In advance.

But I’m deeply impressed by the answers from @anon9989719 and @yvmuell, the way they communicate with facts, tact and tone. The mindset displayed. Thank you both! :green_heart:

Sorry for being a bit of a dick. Had one of those moments I guess. Usually not a prick but here I was.

Fairphone support responded promptly, unlocking code service was down for the weekend and I seem to have managed to have timed the outages last autumn and the one just recently.

Yes, great job @anon9989719 and @yvmuell, sorry again.

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Dont worry we all have a Snickers-Moment from time to time :wink:

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