Can't get Google watch 2 to synced photos

I am having some trouble getting a watch face of my friend on it. I have the photo I want to synced to create a watch face with my new watch. I looked on Google and on YouTube. I figured I get some help because I can’t figure out how to get the Google photo to sync with the watch. Is there something I’m missing. Or do I have it on the charger or something. I’m confused on how to do it. Some helpful feedback would be nice thanks.

I still can’t get photos to sync via Google Photos. I have found a solution in the meantime. I got a third party app called photo wear classic to do what Google photos can’t do. You should be able to just use the watch app with Google photos app to sync 24 photos at once. I still couldn’t get that to work. I have a work around in the meantime. This is still a issue. I just thought I’d give an update on the problem.

I want to update this thread. It took weeks to get Google photos to work on the watch. Apparently I just had to use it. I don’t know how it happened. It just did. This thread can be closed now the issue worked itself out. Funny how it took weeks to get it to work at all in the end.

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