Can't focus camera since upgrading FP3 to FP3+ rear camera module

I’ve just upgraded my FP3 rear camera to the FP3+ camera module.

Since doing so, the camera will not focus. This affects photo, video and manual modes in both the default Android camera app and in a third-party camera app (A Better Camera). Adjusting the manual focus slider has no effect whatsoever on focal length.

I’m running Android 10 as recommended (FAQ Fairphone 3+ (FP3+) – Support) and the module replacement instructions (Replace a FP3/FP3+ module – Support) don’t indicate that software configuration changes are required.

What have I missed?


I would switch back to the old camera temp to see if that works then try another reinstall of the new module.

You could also clear the cache in the camera app and please tell me if you have an SD card you didn’t format it as internal storage.

You could also install the Open camera app via F-droid to see if that resolves the problem

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Sorry, if the question is too stupid :man_shrugging: , but there’s not by chance any protection foil still on the new camera module lense?

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@amoun Yeah, I’m very much thinking that I perhaps didn’t fully seat the ribbon cable connector before closing up at this point. I’ll check tomorrow and update the thread.

Cache clearing didn’t make any difference, and Open Camera does the same as the other apps. I use an SD card as a second storage drive, rather than as part of the internal storage configuration - all my storage was overfilled, but clearing space didn’t make a difference.

@Volker Sadly, no. It’s bright blue, so rather hard to miss.

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I finally had time to get back to this, and re-fitting the original camera module immediately allowed the phone camera to focus as normal.

Reseating the ribbon cable on the Camera+ Module didn’t help. I guess I’ll try another full reinstall at some point when I don’t need a camera so urgently, but I’m not optimistic.

Has ANYONE successfully upgraded the FP3 camera to the 48MP Camera+ Module?

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Sadly I’m sure most have as there are no obvious post to say otherwise. if you are using standard default app you could try and start in safe mode that will disable any custom apps you installed that may have some conflict.

Can you find anyone with an FP3 to test ~ #fairphoneangels for example?

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Hopefully someone will chime in with something I may have missed, then. :slight_smile:

It’s an FP3, rather than an FP2.

I only installed additional apps for testing purposes after the default app failed to focus the new cam, but safe mode testing is a very good idea.

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Thanks! I’ve corrected my error :blush:

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I’m now leaning towards a faulty camera module.

Results of safe mode boot with Camera+ module installed: Same; fuzzy camera image, unable to focus either automatically or manually.

Internally, before doing this test, I checked both ends of the ribbon cable, the other end of which had indeed become loose under the EM shield (removed by taking out a pair of Torx 2 bolts), in common with this thread: Be careful with the connectors when replacing a module - #17 by Lidwien

Reseating this rectified an issue with the flash not responding, but did nothing for the focus issue.

I’ve once again reinstalled the original camera and have contacted support, who I hope will be able to help me out.

Thanks for your assistance.

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