Can't finish the 'storage upgrade' for FP1

Hi all Fairphoners
I keep getting the message that I can’t update my apps, because my storage is full. I have the Fairphone 1 with both phone- and internal storage. I have bought and SD card and saved all my data, ready for the upgrade to the unified storage.
But now I have tried a couple of times (also with the ‘clear cache’ as proposed earlier), but I never get the option to delete my data.

My phone installs and reboot, but then nothing more happens.
Can anyone help? I would like to be able to use my apps again.
Best wishes

Could you make it work, or do you need additional help?

Hi Stefan, thanks for answering. Suddently it worked, some weeks ago, so now my phone works absolutely fine again :slight_smile:

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Good to know it worked out for you! :smile:

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