Can't find my recordings

This week I used for the first time recording, while interviewing, but I can’t find the records. I already tried ‘Play Music’ but the files are not there. When I’m done recording I press ‘Ready’(Gereed) and then there is no sign that it’s being saved. The only thing that happens is that you go back to your home screen.

Someone who can help me? So I don’t have to memorize the whole interview?

Thanks for your help!

What app did you use? The standard sound recorder? In this case, the files are stored in the internal storage folder. But if you want to record stuff more often, I’d recommend not using the default app, since the quality is very poor (like in a phone call), but e.g. “Audio recorder” from F-Droid.

Thanks for your reaction.

For recording I used ‘Geluidsrecorder’ who is already on the phone. How can I get to the internal storage folder?

Jeei I found it :slight_smile: Thanks! Do you also know how I can find it on the computer?

Assuming that “Geluid” means sound in dutch (?), that is exactly the app I meant. You can get to the internal storage folder with any file manager app, like eg Amaze. Just go to “Storage” when tapping on the 3 lines at the upper left corner.
For the Auduo recorder app. Download and install F-Droid from, then search for “Audio Recorder” and install it :slight_smile:

Whoops, apparently you were faster in typing than me :wink:
On PC, just connect your FP with USB, activate MTP file transfer from the notification and then look for the file on your PC’s file manager.

Great, thank you! Indeed Geluid means sound :slight_smile: And I found the files on my computer. But can’t open them…

I made a test recording and the files are saved in .amr, which is a format I’ve never heard of. Did you try VLC player?

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Jeei that works! Thanks a lot! You saved me a lot of time!
Have a great day!


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