Can't find description how to do unified storage solution

It keeps on telling me that I don’t have access to the site, I need advice. thnks Lilli

Answering what I think you’re asking in the title:
The official support article for the unified storage update is here. If you need the instructions on how to do a manual update, then there’s guidance here.
Note that the storage upgrade will erase all data on the device. Also note the backup & restore app doesn’t actually backup all data (search the forum for advice on that).

Not sure what you mean with ‘it’ or ‘the site’ though…

from this site

I click the link towards
"upgrade their storage to this unified storage solution"
and then I get to "oops
You’re not authorized to access this page"
even though I’m logged in…

Good point, seems Fairphone managed to mess up one of the links (something that @Douwe may want to check) . As far as I can recall, that used to link to the instructions that I put in my earlier post. There’s a list of all the step by step instructions here, in case you need another one (like checking which layout you currently have).

I wrote a mail to @anon48893843 some days ago, but he hasn’t come back to me about this dead link.

Thank you @Johannes & @Stefan, I’m gonna look at the links!

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Now I have the next problem: after storage partition successful somehow I can’t use the storage at all, if i wanna download or take a picture it says " no storage "
what to do?

Did you restore your system from a backup? If you did so, I guess your app settings about where to save downloaded files point to a directory that doesn’t exist anymore, because the whole storage layout changed. So you’ll have to change the path. Which apps are affected?

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I think all of them, I only work with my sim card…

I’m a bit frustrated, I can’t use my phone anymore, well for calls and txt but as a smartphone it’s useless without storage. can someone advise me? Can I send it in?
Storage is unified but anything I try from Camera function to apps it always says “no external storage available”. I might have done sth wrong in the partitioning but i don’t know what and I don’t get it

It’s hard to help you remotely. Maybe there are local Fairphoners near you, who can help you solve the issue.

From your last name I guess you’re from a German speaking country… If you’re on Facebook, I recommend you to join the group Fairphone-Freunde. We’re specialized in guided Unified Storage Upgrades :wink:


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