Can't figure out some things about FP2 software

HTC Wilfire X, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S3. I know that my friends iPhone5s can do the same thing s him and I are similar regarding that.

Thank you for that - I will look into it tomorrow and then write here what I find out.

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Could you check your notification settings within the app Whatsapp.
The settings of the Whatsapp you can find by tapping on the three dots in the right corner of the app.
In particular the settings of the ‘Popup notification’.

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This is also the first solution that comes to my mind. The only issue with it is that you need to do this for every single app which might show message notifications.

That’s right. But you only have to do it once.


Yes I tried that. It doesn’t work either.

Think I just have to live with the fact that my messages are readable before they are opened.

If 2) is not answered completely yet, here is my take on it’:

The deletion of the widget has been discussed. Now how to get a new screen again?

Take an App-Icon and drag it to the right - the next page should show. You can drag this icon one page further to the right than pages are already there. There is your new page.
If you want to change the order of the pages, tap long onto the background, in that mode, you should be able to drag pages around.


Same problem here!
Tried a lot, but cant find a way to receive whatsapp messages WHITOUT that annoying preview!
Please insert this option in the next update!
Last phone i used was iphone 4 wich did have the option to NOT show the preview.
I really hope that there will come a solution.
Very disappointed

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Feel free to open a feature request.