Can't deactivate geolocation after using OsmAnd~

Hello evereybody !

Pretty much everything is in the topic title.

I use OsmAnd~ for maps and navigation. I only activate the location service when I need it, i.e. only when I use OsmAnd~. For now I am satisfied with this app.

The only problem I have is that after using it, I can’t deactivate the location service. It effectively appears deactivated on the system parameters but the location icon is still present and OsmAnd~ drills down the battery. I have to reboot my phone to solve this problem, until the next time I have to use OsmAnd~.

I hope anybody knows a solution for this.



Start OsmAnd and see if you have a navigation running. If so stop the navigation, then close the App.
If there is no active navigation running start one and stop it. Then close the app.

This is a known bug in Android Lollipop.
No fix, but workarounds are available.
for more info.

Though as far as I know (and experienced it), it shouldn’t drain any battery, as just the icon remains on even if GPS is turned off. If you think Osmand continues to drain battery, try if closing it helps.


Afaik it is only working for rooted devices, I tried this fix [com.xinlu.location_fix_v1], but with no effect on my non-rooted device.
Where are the others?

Actually it seems to be an “icon bug” as someone pointed out already.

Newer OsmAnd versions lack of a “quit” or “close” option/button.
First assure no navigation is actually running, if so stop it. Then close the app and also set it to “force stop” in the app list.
Now it should keep quiet and use the least battery power.

For OsmAnd specifically I also installed the “Greenify” app shortly for testing.

It runs on rootet and non-rootet devices taking care for generally keeping your phone smooth in operation and even more power saving.
After only two days I do realize a significant performance increase (better response and smoother switching screens, scrolling and furthermore a magnificent runtime estimation boost from 1-2 days before up to 6 days now (highest estimation ever so far). Coming through the night with a battery drainage less than 5% is no problem now.

Please continue in the bug topic mentioned above.