Can't copy or quote text in Chrome 58

Chrome 58 for Android does not play well with the Fairphone Forum. I can’t copy or quote text anymore. This seems to be a known Discourse issue which is supposedly fixed in newer versions. Can someone confirm this? If so, could @leomakkinje update the forum to a newer Discourse version? Since Chrome is the default browser on FP2 I think the forum should be fully usable with it.

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Should be fixed in 1.8.0.beta10 onwards, so this depends on when we get to 1.8 (released yesterday, with a ton of changes)

For reference, here’s the bug topic over at discourse:

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I have the update planned for week 24 or 25.


@ChuckMorris does copy/paste work properly for you now?

Oooh nice, it works in mobile Firefox now, too :+1:
(At least for me the forum was near read-only in mobile Firefox before, sorry for being off topic.)

Yes, working nicely again!