Can't copy files to the internal storage via USB

Hi Stefan,
Thank you for the tutorial on uploading files via ftp. But frankly speaking this solution does not convince me since I would expect the FP2 to accept transfers also via USB.
I activated the MTP mode and FP2 is recognized by my PC. I do get access to the SD-card. But when I try to copy from the PC or the SD card to the internal storage I get the error “Warten: FP2 ist ausgelastet” - despite not having any other transfers activated.
Do you have an idea what could be wrong in this case?

I moved your post here, because the other topic was about the FP1.

Did you already try another cable?

Hi Irina,
No, I did not try another cable - the connection is there and the FP2 does appear in the Windows Explorer.

Maybe you should try it, just in case the wires inside the cable are (half) broken.

Does not seem to be probable since the connection is established and the phone is charging…

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