Can't change the volume of notifications different from ringtone

I can’t change the volume of notifications.
Well it is connected to the volume of my ringtone.
I would like to have my notifications on a lower volume then my ringtone.
The app that I used to work around this issue is interfering with Here map. (
Is there a workaround that can lower the notifications volume without bringing the volume of my ringtone down as well?

On any FPOS up to the latest 1.9.3 there should be three individual acting sliders visible in Settings->Sound & Notification. If they are not acting individual as they were meant to be it looks like an issue for the support team.

Patrick, that is true, but only for media, alarm and ringtone. Not for notifications.
Or do I miss something?

I thinks it is a limitation imposed by Android itself, not only FP. You can unlock it on a rooted device with Xposed framework + GravityBox (which I highly recommend).


Rooting again… at first I thought it would come in handy, but meanwhile I think different as I can read more often of users with rooted device where simple updating goes troublesome than it seems to go with stock devices. I never had troubles with any update in the past and I am not out for any. I tent to stay non-rooted taking sacrifice on more options and ´flexibility´.

Anyway thanks for your idea.


Well, I assumed “notification” volume would be linked to one of these three sliders as the menu is named “Sound & notification”…somehow confusing ain´t it…

Rooting itself is not a problem, but with rooting comes a new world of possibilities, and those possibilities can be troublesome. So I can’t blame you for wanting to keep your phone … a phone :wink:

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Thnx guys!
I hope to find an app that will do a work around, but for now I will take it as it is.
A little bit funny though, since Huawei and some other phone with the same android version, do have a different ‘slider’ for notifications…

but anyway, it’s not bothering too much.

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