Can't change the name of my Fairbuds XL on Android

I can’t seem to change the name of my Fairbuds XL from my Nokia G21 (Android 13). It seems that it can be done from an iPhone as per the screenshots here:, but is there really no way to do it on Android?

Hit the edit button in the top right corner.

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Thanks, but that only renames the Fairbuds on the phone, not the Fairbuds themselves—i.e. the Fairbuds XL will still present themselves as “Fairbuds XL” on other devices.

I don’t think that would work on any phone.

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If you take e.g. the Jabra Evolve headsets, when you rename those through their app, the headset itself is actually renamed, they’re not just aliased on whatever device does the renaming.

It’s a pretty common feature, especially in enterprise settings, because it can become quite the chaos with dozens of the same “Fairbuds XL” and you have no idea which of them is yours.

In that case contactsupport and ask them to include this feature in the next firmware update.

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