Can't add card to Google Pay for contactless payment

I’m having issues with adding a card as a contactless payment method on Google Play. I’ve been in contact with my bank and Google but nobody seems to understand the issue. I’m still waiting for information from Google Support, that have escalated the issue.

This is not the same issue as with the certificate issue, at least I’m not getting an error about that. I’ve already added the card to the app but when I want to set up my card as my contactless card, fill in the 3 digit security number and Continue.

Then I get an error message saying
Couldn’t finish setup to pay in shops
Something went wrong during setup. You can give it another try later.

I’ve tried now for at least 2 months and it will never seem to work. My bank has confirmed the issue is not on their side.

I just wanted to know if anybody else is having the same issue?

So system information:
Model: FP3
Android Version: 9
Build number: 8901.2.A.0120.20200421
Google Pay: v2.111.306893647

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Who is the card issuer (bank)?

It’s N26, it’s supported by Google Pay so it should definently work.

With some basic problem awareness, this all doesn’t fit very well together. But I’m crossing all my thumbs for you that this can get resolved somehow.

It’s not an awesome workaround, but I used Paypal in Google Pay before my bank supported NFC phone payments. The main drawback was getting emails from Paypal for every transaction that I couldn’t figure out how to turn off. That also involves spreading your data to yet another party, of course.


@arizonadeuz thank you for the tip, but I don’t think it will make a difference, the bank should support NTC and Google Pay, it is starting to look like an issue with the phone or at Google’s end. Google support is looking into it, hope to get some feedback from them soon.

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I have the same issue and this started after I lost my wallet. Meaning - it was all working fine, I lost my wallet and hence deactivated the card. hen trying to set it up again proved impossible and it seems it is not only with google pay it is giving me an issue.
I have been in contact with my bank and next step is google. Maybe the block needs to be manually removed on their side.

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Has this since been fixed?

Where do you live? N26 says: “Google Pay is only available in the Denmark, Finland, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.”

So I was just wondering if this might be the problem here.

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Have you tried everything from

? Good luck finding a solution,

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i can’t add any cards to Google pay, the minute i click add card it never responds, is permanently spinning. just won’t work.

Hi Debbi,

You could try to add a card on you computer instead of your phone. Please see

for more information. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the G Pay app?

Good luck!


Issue has been resolved, the issue was on Google side.


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